By Keenan Freyberg

March 21, 2024

Introducing v3

Create full, two-minute songs in seconds with v3

At Suno, we are building a future where anyone can make music. You can make a song for any moment in any major language with just a few short words. Award-winning artists use Suno, but our core user base consists of everyday people making music — often for the first time.

Today, we are excited to introduce v3, our first model capable of producing radio-quality music. v3 enables you to make full, two-minute songs in seconds and is now available to all users at Make your own song with v3 today!


Make a song for a heroic desertcore battle

Make a song for a metal opera about Mondays

Make a song for a Sunday study session

Make a song for my departed goldfish


Features & Improvements

Thank you to all of our Pro and Premier members, who helped us test and improve v3 Alpha. v3 incorporates your feedback and features a number of improvements, most notably:

        ◦  Better audio quality

        ◦  More styles and genres

        ◦  Improved prompt adherence, including fewer hallucinations and more graceful endings

You can make better music with v3, but we have a lot more work to do. We're still in the early innings of Suno, and we'll continue improving along the axes of quality, control and speed.

v4 is already under development, and we're working around the clock on some new, exciting features we're looking forward to sharing with you soon.


Make a song that feels like falling in love

Make a song for summer in São Paulo

Make a song about the powerhouse of the cell


Trust & Safety

Suno is designed for creating original music, and our models don't recognize references to other artists. We are not here to make more Fake Drakes.

To further protect against misuse, we have developed proprietary, inaudible watermarking technology that can detect whether a song was created using Suno.


Social Media

Please share your favorite creations on social media, and tag us at @suno_ai_ on X, Instagram and TikTok. Thank you, as always, for including us in your creative process. We hope you enjoy v3 and look forward to hearing what you create!

All the best,
Team Suno