By Keenan Freyberg

February 8, 2024

Introducing the Suno Valentine's Day Experience

Make a song for your Valentine

We are pleased to introduce the Suno Valentine's Day Experience! You can now send a personalized song to your Valentine, whether that's a friend, a crush or a family member.

Suno makes you three songs based on your responses to three simple questions about your Valentine. It's fun, it's free, and you can try it now at

The experience is inspired by the age-old art of the mixtape. It's approachable, playful and, at times, touching. The Atlantic's Andee Tagle put it best in The Enduring Romance of Mixtapes. It's a chance to say,

"I see you." Or perhaps, "I want you to see me."

Share the songs you send and receive on social media by tagging us at @suno_ai_ for a chance to win a bouquet of flowers and three free months of our best plan, Premier. Enjoy, and thank you for helping us spread the love with Suno this Valentine's Day.

<3 Suno